While freezing temperatures are not a concern in Sydney, there are still some important steps you need to take to prepare your pool after swim season ends. During winter, proper maintenance of your backyard pool is essential.

If you want to prepare your pool for winter and make sure it stays clean and in great shape, there are a few steps you should take – and in this blog from United Pools & Renovation, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.

1. Clean The Pool Thoroughly

Pool cleaning should always be your first step. Begin by removing all debris from the water, skimmer basket, filters, and everywhere else. If you leave behind debris, it could sink to the bottom and stain your pool, so be thorough and clean your pool properly before you shut it down for the winter season.

2. Check On The Pool Equipment

Even in the winter, you’ll need to run your pump, chlorinator, and filter for at least 4 hours per day to keep the water clean, so make sure everything is in working order and properly maintained.

3. Backwash The Pool Filter To Clean It

Backwashing a pool filter involves blasting water backward to dislodge debris, and will ensure that the filter is in good shape and is ready to clean your water throughout the winter.

4. Balance The Pool Water pH Level With Pool Chemicals

Make sure your pool’s pH is between 7.2 and 7.4 for the best results, and check all other relevant chemical levels to make sure the water is of adequate hardness and alkalinity. The water is going to sit for quite a while during the winter, so proper chemical levels are key for keeping your pool in good shape.

5. Eliminate Phosphates To Prevent Algae

Your pool may not contain algae, but why risk algae growth? These microorganisms can thrive in a covered pool, but using a phosphate remover eliminates the food source that they eat – eliminating the risk of algae growth. If you have struggled with algae in the past or just want peace of mind, this is a helpful step.

6. Cover Your Pool With A Pool Cover Or Pool Blanket

You should definitely invest in a pool cover or blanket for your pool during the winter. Covering up your pool protects it from the elements, halts evaporation, and keeps your water in great shape. It also prevents debris like leaves and twigs from falling into the water.

7. Check On & Maintain Your Pool Every Two Weeks

Make sure to perform basic maintenance steps every two weeks. Check the pH and chemistry of the water, make sure the water level is adequate, check the filter, and perform other basic checks to ensure that the pool is in good shape during the winter.

Follow These Tips For Proper Winter Pool & Spa Care!

At United Pools & Renovation, we’re experts when it comes to spas and pools in Sydney. If you’re preparing your pool for the winter, follow these steps to keep it in great shape.

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