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Beadcrete Swimming Pools

Beadcrete is a patented product that is sure to add a rich texture and a unique character to your pool interior. It creates a stunning light refraction in the water, especially during the day, and looks all the more brilliant at night with all the lights on.

Boasting a patented technology that simply can’t be replicated, Beadcrete is a market leader. It offers a variety of rich reflective shades and is a wonderful option for pools of all sizes and types.

At United Pools and Renovations, we have years of experience supplying to the swimming pool industry and Beadcrete concrete is one of our core offerings. Whether you are building a new pool or are considering pool restoration, we will work with you to provide the perfect solution that suits your needs, taste and budget.

Designer Beadcrete is the Perfect Choice for Pool Renovations

Designer Beadcrete offers something for everyone. It is original, it is versatile and extremely durable – a rare combination that is simply unmatched by other concrete pool finishes.

Designer Beadcrete features some premium ingredients – clear glass beads and quartz in selected colours that work together to create a mirage of the light beneath the pool surface to create a sparkling and vibrant pool finish that’s simply breath-taking.

You can be sure of the quality and consistency thanks to the pre-blended packaging. Designer Beadcrete is the latest in the polymer modified aggregate technology and assures you of durability, performance, slip-resistance and smooth textures.

Designer Beadcrete Offers a Richness That’s Unmatched by other Finishes

Beadcrete boasts of features that standard aggregate finishes don’t. Here are some of the reasons why it is a favourite of homeowners, architects and builders alike.

  • Maintenance-free – Its polymeric modification does away with the need to maintain it regularly, which reduces your maintenance costs and even improves durability and stain resistance.
  • Use on any curve or shape – Beadcrete adapts itself to any shape and even to tight curves without any disruption to the final effect. The finish is flat and smooth that removes the possibility of skin abrasion while providing ultimate slip resistance.
  • Stunning visual appeal – Beadcrete produces a rich effect no matter the colour you choose. This brilliant aesthetic appeal makes it a market leader. The high-class finish it creates will improve the ambience and visual appeal of any concrete pool be it new or old.
  • Built to last – Boasting a 7-year warranty backed by the manufacturer, Beadcrete is built to last. It will last for at least 20 years.
Beadcrete Swimming Pools Sydney - United Pools & Renovations

We Bring Your Swimming Pool to Life with Our Beadcrete Solutions

Beadcrete products are beautiful, different and personal. We will make your pool come to life with our proven expertise and experience.

We are pool renovations specialists in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia. Whether you are looking for pool renovations, pool resurfacing or pool rendering, we assure you of high quality Beadcrete swimming pools. With over 20 years of experience as pool builders, we assure you of the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

We assure you of genuine and original Beadcrete swimming pools. Our installers are fully trained and have the complete knowledge of Beadcrete. Having built hundreds of Beadcrete swimming pools, we will help you achieve the best texture and finish for your concrete swimming pool.

We specialise in customised designs to ensure you get a solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

Swimming pool renovations are a complicated process. We aim to make your life easy and stress-free. When you are looking for designer concrete coatings at cost effective prices, look no further. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. Call 0414 883 859 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.