Beadcrete Swimming Pools

What is beadcrete?

Beadcrete is a pool render technology suitable for all swimming pool types, be it residential, commercial, or resort. Designer Beadcrete is made from premium ingredients such as clear glass beads and colourfast mineral quartz.

It utilizes polymer-modified technology, which makes it extra durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Experience ultimate design control with a range of custom colours to achieve the perfect pool design.


Why choose beadcrete?

Beadcrete offers you the following advantages in pool design:

  • Extremely low maintenance – The polymer-modified technology reduces maintenance needs because the Beadcrete surface is highly durable and resistant to stains. Upkeep for this material is very minimal and is a worthy investment. There is no need for special treatments to preserve your pool finish’s appearance.
  • Resists algae growth and improves pool hygiene – Designer Beadcrete’s reduction in porosity resists algae growth
  • Cost-effective – Beadcrete is low maintenance, saving you big time on maintenance and chemical costs by providing you with a high-quality pool render technology that will stand the test of time.
  • Stain-resistant – Our smooth and non-abrasive pool finish results in a stain-resistant, highly durable surface
  • Smooth anti-slip surface for improved pool safety – Genuine anti-slip surface that doesn’t abrade the skin
  • 20-year life expectancy – With proper application and maintenance, Beadcrete can last for more than 20 years due to its rock-solid durable surface
  • Reflective range of custom colours – Beadcrete’s custom reflective colours complement the design of concrete pools beautifully and improve water clarity
  • Stunning light refraction – Light refraction is achieved through retro-reflective silicate spheres inside the finish
Beadcrete Swimming Pools Sydney - United Pools & Renovations


Designer Beadcrete contains light-reflective spheres which result in stunning light refraction in pool water. This captivating light refraction can be seen even clearer at night with the addition of pool lights.

Beadcrete looks amazing under natural or artificial light so you’ll wow your guests no matter what time it is, day or night. Experience the elegance of dancing light beneath the pool’s surface which invites you to jump in.


Do you want the most visually stunning swimming pool in your neighbourhood? Relax, entertain, and admire the elegance of reflective light and the creativity of colour in your backyard with a Beadcrete finish. Beadcrete is a durable and unique pool interior finish that’s suitable for new pool renovations, remodels, or new builds.

If you think the luxurious aesthetic and quality of Beadcrete may be right for your swimming pool design, you can contact our highly qualified experienced technicians to discuss your options.

We are pool renovations specialists in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia. Whether you are looking for pool renovations, pool resurfacing or pool rendering, we assure you of high-quality Beadcrete swimming pools. Our technicians have 20 years of experience in the industry and have implemented Beadcrete into hundreds of swimming pools. We ensure that you will receive the highest quality service to achieve visual perfection in texture and finish.

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