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Designer Beadcrete is a patented product that offers completely unique pool interiors in a wide variety of reflective hues. When you are looking to renovate your pool and turn into a designer pool, Beadcrete is an excellent choice. It will produce stunning clarity and sparkling effects into your pool.

United Pools & Renovations can supply and install this stunning pool interior product for you. Whether you are renovating your entire pool or simply want a resurfacing, we have you covered. Talk to us today for expert advice or for a free inspection.

Features of Beadcrete

  • Stunning aesthetic appeal
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Lasts for at least 20 years
  • Awesome pool clarity
  • Produces a rich array of reflective colours
  • 7 year manufacturer’s warranty in writing
  • Over 27 designer colours to choose from

Trust the Pool Renovation Experts

beadcreteBased in Sydney, we are a trusted pool renovation service established for over 20 years. We deliver only genuine and high quality products for all our renovation projects.

When you choose us, expect genuine, authentic and original Beadcrete installation. Our fully trained renovation experts will take care of your pool resurfacing from start to finish. We will efficiently, quickly and professionally take care of the project with minimal disruption to your property.

We will add value to your pool renovation by offering the best match Beadcrete product for your pool.

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We would be happy to discuss your requirements over a free consultation. We will inspect your pool to assess its condition, and we will recommend a solution that best fits your style and budget.

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