Pebblecrete pools and Quartzon pools are both a popular choice for swimming pools in Sydney. Whether you’re interested in redoing the interior finish of an existing pool, or you are interested in building a new pool in Sydney, you may be wondering what type of pool interior is right for you. Read on to get more information about both pebblecrete and Quartzon.

What Is Pebblecrete? Understanding The Basics

As the name implies, pebblecrete is a blend of pebbles in a cement aggregate – pebbles and concrete mixed together make “pebblecrete!” Pebblecrete is a very common and widely-used material both for pool interiors and for pool decks.

It often has additional additives like dyes and chemicals added to change its colour, so there are a lot of different style options, and you can even combine pebblecrete with style choices like waterline tiles to create a unique, stunning pool.

Compared to fully tiling a pool pebblecrete is a lot cheaper, and you can use it on the pool itself and the deck for a unified look. One great benefit of pebblecrete is that it provides a lot of traction for both people in the pool water and on the deck. It’s not “slippery” like some other pool finishes.

When applied properly, pebblecrete lasts a very long time, and helps prevent damage to the pool structure. It holds up very well to being submerged, does not have grout lines that may wear out over time (unlike a tiled pool) and it looks fantastic.

What Is Quartzon? Understanding The Basics

Quartzon pool render is a unique blend of quartz-based pool render, which uses a combination of quartz sand and a proprietary aggregate material to deliver excellent durability. It can be applied just like any other type of concrete pool render.

The Quartzon pool colour options available also set it apart from competing products. It comes in a huge variety of colours with the unique Starfleck additive which creates a shimmery, glittery surface for your pool’s interior – your pool will shine and sparkle like it never has before.

It has a number of other advantages, too. Compared to painted pool tiles, for example, it has a much longer lifespan, and will remain bright and beautiful for at least 15-20 years or longer. It’s completely colourfast and has been specifically formulated to resist UV light, wear & tear, and other such issues that often cause pool interiors to wear out prematurely.

It also has a comfortable, gentle surface that still provides great traction. It’s much less rough than pebblecrete, for example, with a grainy, sand-like non-slip texture that provides plenty of grip without being abrasive.

What’s A Better Option? Pebblecrete Or Quartzon? Contact Us To Find Out!

Pebblecrete is a slightly cheaper option, and has a classic look that many people like. It’s also very durable and long-lasting, and provides excellent traction due to its pebbly texture. It will look great for years to come.

Quartzon lasts longer, but is more expensive, and it has a smoother texture while still providing plenty of traction when walking and swimming. It also has a more “sleek” look compared to pebblecrete and better ease of maintenance, since it’s easier to clean.

Overall, though, either type of material can be a good option for your pool. If you’re torn between the two, United Pools & Renovations can help you decide on the best option for your unique needs. Contact us online or give us a call at 0414 883 859 to get started with your pool renovation in Sydney.