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Interior Pool Repair

At United Pools & Renovations, we provide all kinds of interior pool repair services. Whether you are looking to repair a particular aspect of your pool or looking for a complete repair, we have you covered. With over 20 years of experience, we offer high quality pool repairs in Sydney.

Coping Repairs

We provide complete swimming pool coping repairs. When you detect a loose paver, cracked paver or deteriorating grout, it’s time for coping repairs. It will not only keep your pool looking fresh, it helps prevent slips and falls.

Tile Band Repairs

interior pool repairIf you have a tiled pool that was constructed several years ago, chances are that some tiles may be missing. Those patches could cause injuries if you are not aware of the missing tiles. Whether your pool has a few tiles missing, or you want to retile the entire surface of the pool interiors, we have you covered. Trust our swimming pool repair experts for a flawless job.

Skimmer Box Repairs and Replacement

The skimmer box plays a crucial role in returning the water to your filtration system. It also plays as a catchment area for debris and leaves floating in the pool. After years of use, your skimmer box may experience plumbing or structural issues.

Our pool renovation professionals will repair the skimmer box, readjust the level, and reposition it to maximise its performance. If repair is out of the question, we can supply replacement skimmer boxes at affordable prices.

Water Feature Repairs

If you are losing water from your water feature or your water feature isn’t working at all, simply contact United Pools & Renovations. We will carry out thorough repairs to get your water feature to life.

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