pebblecrete pools

Pebblecrete Pools

Are you looking to upgrade your Pebblecrete pools?

So why should you resurface the interior of your pool? The pool’s surface plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the pool shell. And that’s reason enough to consider resurfacing.

United Pools & Renovations can resurface your pool professionally, efficiently and quickly. Get in touch with us today for upgrading Pebblecrete pools.

Disadvantages of Pebblecrete

pebblecrete poolsPebblecrete was introduced in Australia back in the 1980s, and is still offered by many companies. However, many home owners complain about how sharp their Pebblecrete surface is and how it has caused many an injury.

Your Pebblecrete surface will degrade over time. You may detect cracks, black stains, and even rust stains. You may find white calcium build up and that some parts of the surface is hollow.

We can fix all of these issues with Pebblecrete pools by renovating your pool with a much safer, durable and modern solution.

How We Can Help

We can fix all your problems with Pebblecrete by upgrading it using high quality epoxy paint. Alternatively, we can strip out your surface and replace it with a modern option such as New Zealand Pebble, Glass Beads, Quarzon, and Beadcrete.

Our pool renovation consultants can help you choose the right solution. When you contact us for a free inspection, we will schedule a time for our consultant to visit you. He will reach your home on the appointed time and inspect your pool.

He will then ask you some questions to get a complete picture of the situation. He will then provide expert advice about your options so you can make an informed decision.

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