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Pebblecrete Sydney

Is your pebblecrete pool looking worn out and old? Do you feel your swimming pool has lost its sheen it once had? Is pool repair on your mind lately?

Fret no more! United Pools & Renovations offer refurbishment and renovation services for pebblecrete swimming pools in Sydney. We provide custom made solutions for your pool to suit your budget and requirements. We only use high quality pebble mix and pebble colour.

We use 1mm New Zealand white pebblecrete comprising glass beads of different colours. This results in a pebblecrete pool that’s highly attractive absolutely smooth. We also use Q pebble range.

We enhance the strength of our stones by adding acrylics and polymers. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to create a high quality mix. The result is a highly durable pool surface with brilliant colours, stellar texture, ultimate adhesion and superior strength.

We will customise our pebblecrete range to suit your pool, landscape and budget.

No one does the job better in upgrading pebblecrete Sydney pools than us. Call 02 8704 1224 now for a complete makeover of your pebblecrete Sydney pool.

Pebblecrete Pools Sydney

United Pools & Renovations Pebblecrete SydneyPebblecrete pools offer that much needed aesthetic appeal to a swimming pool but they pose quite a few problems as they age. If pool interior issues are not tackled on time they can lead to a lot of problems such as concrete cancer where the structure itself is going to be in trouble.

A variety of factors that contribute to the deterioration of a pebblecrete pool including:

  • Cracks
  • Black algae growth
  • Rust stains
  • Leakage due to major cracks

What We Can Do

At United Pools & Renovations, we have over 20 years of experience in pool renovation and pool resurfacing. We rely on modern technology to deliver a solution that’s long lasting and of the highest quality.

Our team will thoroughly assess the site and recommend the best product to rectify the problem. We can upgrade your swimming pool with epoxy coating making it look as good as new. Another great option is resurfacing the entire pool with Quartzon, Aristone or Glass bead interiors.

Our efficient and reliable services include repairing cracks, leaks, removing drummy areas, upgrading of concrete pools or pebbled pools and addressing every possible issue with regard to any types of pools.

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Whether it is to design, modernise or renovate your swimming pool, look no further than United Pools & Renovations. We are experts in the business of bringing back the sparkle and shine to your swimming pool.  Fill out the enquiry form below to obtain a free quote.