Pool Maintenance Sydney

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying a swim with friends and family in your pool. But to keep this joy alive, you need to ensure your swimming pool is clean and well maintained. United Pools and Renovations offers excellent cleaning and maintenance services that will help ensure your pool is in good shape and shimmeringly clean. Contact us!

About Our Pool Maintenance Services

We Start With Inspection

United Pools and Renovations pool care and maintenance process begin by conducting a thorough pool inspection and coming up with a detailed report of the findings. This is a standard process that we must follow regardless of the type of pool.

Pool Maintenance Sydney | United Pools and Renovations

Our inspection report includes the detailed status of the following equipment and features:

  • Pool pumps
  • Pool filter
  • Robotic pool cleaner
  • Pool cleaners
  • Skimmer
  • Pool lights and more

Each of these elements is thoroughly checked and reported to ensure your pool is at its best.

Our Services

We offer a variety of pool care services. Here are some of them:

1. Pool Water Sanitization

Testing your pool is essential to maintain algae-free and clean water. We ensure this is achieved by checking and cleaning the pool and balancing chemicals in the pool. These include Ph levels, Chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and acid level.

2. Pool Equipment Maintenance

All types of swimming pool equipment require regular maintenance and repairing of damaged parts. We offer professional pool equipment maintenance in different ways, which include:

  • Cleaning your pool filter system
  • Maintaining the pool heater
  • Cleaning your skimmer

A lack of regular pool equipment check-ups causes malfunctions, which could lead to more serious and expensive problems. United Pools and Renovations ensure each piece of equipment in your pool is thoroughly checked for any damage, cracking, or leakage.

3. Pool Cleaning Services

Swimming pools and spas should always be clean and safe for swimming any time of the day. However, there exists non-moving water in pools that accumulate algae and bacteria that grow with time. Therefore, poor cleaning may result in a green pool, which may, in turn, lead to health issues. But worry not! We have a solution to your problem. We offer exceptional pool and spa cleaning services that ensure the complete elimination of algae, thus turning your green pool into crystal clear, healthy blue water.

4. Pool Pump Maintenance

It is the piece of mechanical equipment that enhances water circulation through your pool’s system. A pool pump is the most critical part of ensuring your pool is clean by enhancing filtration, sanitization, and cleaning. United Pools and Renovations consider several factors when checking on your pump. These include:

  • Does your pool pump turn on or off while running?
  • Is there any damaged or loose connection?
  • How’s the breaker box condition?
  • Is the voltage correct?
  • Capacitor condition

We ensure each of the above elements is in good condition and repaired if damaged.

Looking for Pool Cleaners or Maintenance Experts? United Pools and Renovations Can Help!

United Pools and Renovations is here for you anytime you need to schedule a pool check-up or repair. We are here to ensure you keep enjoying your pool for years to come. Our experts have dealt with various pool issues, both residential and commercial, and have the expertise to take care of any maintenance need or issue you may have. Contact United Pools and Renovations for more details about our pool services. Call us today on 0414 883 859.