Pool Resurfacing Mosman

United Pools & Renovations is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in pool renovations and pool resurfacing in Mosman and the surrounding area. We provide flexible end-to-end pool renovation Mosman solutions by giving the best service at an affordable fee. We specialise in using all kinds of pool finishes including pebblecrete and glass beads interiors.

Our pool resurfacing services turn your old piece into a masterpiece. There are a number of finished coats to choose from if you require pool refurbishing services. Whether you are preparing an existing pool for a new surface or chipping away old surfaces, our team is the best team of professionals to get in touch with.


Best Pool Resurfacing Mosman Service

We offer pool resurfacing Sydney services at affordable prices to give your swimming pool that much-needed facelift. With a host of options available we can transform your pool into a thing of beauty.

  • Pebble Infused Interiors: To enhance the look and feel of your existing pool interior, we can infuse pebble stones onto the surface of your pool. This will lend a hint of sparkle and shimmer and make your swimming space look great.
  • Tiled Interiors: We safely remove a broken tile and replace it with a new waterline tile. We repair any leaks, or cracks and also attend to the rust areas. We offer a wide range of pool tile colours to choose from for your pool.
  • Painting: We can repaint your swimming pool surfaces should you need one. The epoxy pool paint is available in a wide range of colours and you have the freedom to choose the colour of your choice. Painting the interiors of the pool is a good substitute for pool resurfacing.


What Chemicals Are Needed For Pebblecrete Pools

Pool Restoration Mosman

Are you thinking of restoring your old, dull swimming pool? Pool Restorations from United Pools and Renovations provides a range of pool services, ranging from pool lighting, pool painting, hardscaping, pool tiling and more.

Remodelling a swimming pool is a task that begins with consultation, design to actually renovating it. Let experts from United Pools and Renovations handle the task for you for a seamless swimming pool renovations experience.


Pebblecrete Pools Mosman

Pebblecrete Pools use pebble stones of different sizes and textures. They are used as finishing touches to bring the most out of your swimming pool in Mosman. Get in touch with United Pools and Renovations for pool-related construction, maintenance, and repairs in Mosman.

We enhance the strength of our stones by adding acrylics and polymers. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to create a high-quality mix. The result is a highly durable pool surface with brilliant colours, stellar texture, ultimate adhesion and superior strength.


5 Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool

  • Water bodies are stress busters and create the best recreation for the family.
  • 15% of homebuyers are willing to pay $50,000 more for houses with a pool
  • Swimming is known as one of the best exercises for health benefits
  • Backyards with pools make houses favourable for parties
  • Pools at homes can be a good way to get children outdoors


Get in touch with United Pool & Renovations

We only use the highest quality products and finished to ensure long-lasting results. We can custom-make colours to suit individual needs and spaces. We assess each individual site and recommend the best pool interior products and finishes. We use state-of-the-art machinery to patch and mix our pool products to create a more constant and longer-lasting finish, by adding polymers and acrylics in our mix to increase the strength and improve the texture.

If you are looking for an expert pool resurfacing Sydney service, get in contact with us today and see how we can help with your pool renovation and pool resurfacing. Call United Pools & Renovations on 02 8704 1224 or fill out our enquiry form below and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

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