Pool Resurfacing

Are you looking to give your ageing pool a fresh lease of life? Are you looking for high quality pool resurfacing service?

Contact United Pools & Renovations for professional pool renovation and resurfacing solutions. We are a Sydney based company established for over 20 years. We can work on your pool to turn it into a stunning feature of your home.

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How We Can Help

pool resurfacingWhether the paint in your pool interiors is fading or the tiles are falling off; whether the surface is cracking or you are simply looking for a fresh look, pool resurfacing is the perfection answer.

We provide the complete resurfacing solution for your swimming pool.

  • Pebble Pool Interiors – We can install pebblecrete stones to the surface of your pool to turn it into a sparkling feature. It will not only instil a fresh lease of life into your pool, it will create amazing aesthetic appeal to your backyard.
  • Tiled Interiors – If you have a tiled pool, and prefer to re tile it, we can do it for you. We can help you choose the right colour of tiles, and install them to perfection to restore your pool.
  • Painting – We can apply epoxy pool paint to your swimming pool in a wide range of colours. It’s a highly cost effective pool resurfacing
  • Glass Beads Interiors

Choose the Resurfacing Experts in Sydney

We have been resurfaced a wide range of pools for hundreds of homeowners. From simple renovations to highly complex resurfacing jobs, we have done them all.

Our pool renovation experts are fully qualified and trained. We work with you to provide a custom solution that meets your requirements.

Speak to United Pools Renovations Sydney today to discuss your requirement and we will provide the right solution for you.