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Quartzon is a pool render manufactured from ceramically coloured stones, specialised sand coloured stones, oxide and cement. It contains a uniquely reflective aggregate that offers stunning sparkle to your pool. It is manufactured to the highest standards for consistency and offers a firm, smooth surface that’s easy on the feet as well as bathing suits.

quartzonUnited Pools & Renovations specialise in Quartzon pool renovations. With over 20 years’ experience in pool renovations, we deliver high quality workmanship and stellar service that is sure to delight you.

Features of Quartzon

  • Available in nine exclusive hues including crisp, light blues, darker blues, beach lagoon tones and aqua green.
  • The rich Quartzon colours are achieved using a high tech ceramic coating process that ensures the colour lasts for years.
  • It is manufactured from the best ingredients that include pure white cement, true white quartz sand and high quality ceramically coated aggregate.
  • Rich and stunning colours that complement the surroundings perfectly
  • The smooth surface is easy on your feet
  • Very strong and extremely durable

Trust the Pool Resurfacing Experts

Quartzon is one of the best pool interiors and finishes out there. And you need the best resurfacing service to do justice to your pool renovation project.

Our staff is fully qualified, fully trained and fully insured. They are quick, polite and prompt. We will take care of your resurfacing project from start to finish while paying attention to the littlest details.

When you work with us, you can expect complete peace of mind. You will be assigned a project manager who will take care of the project and keep you updated about the progress. Should you have any questions or clarifications, he’d be happy to assist.

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