Swimming Pool Finishes

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swimming pool finishesPebble swimming pool finishes are getting hugely popular thanks to the textured effects and luxurious appeal they deliver. They cost more, but they last for more than 20 years. The sparkling effects created by pebble are unmatched.


This is another one of modern swimming pool finishes that is gaining popularity. It comprises small beads made of polished round glass bound with polymers that deliver an extra smooth surface. Bring in LED lighting, and they become iridescent.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have been in existence for years, but they’re making a comeback. It is expensive of the lot but lasts for 50 years and over. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, nothing can beat glass tile.

Tiled Finish

This is the most common and traditional finish for your swimming pool. We can offer tiles in a variety of colour options so you can customise the finish of your pool to your liking.

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