Swimming Pool Repair

Regular swimming pool repairs are undoubtedly one of the essential maintenance practices in any modern residential setup. Just like other features in your home, your pool will experience damages with time. It’s for this reason that United Pools and Renovations is extending a helping hand to assist with all your swimming pool repair needs.

United Pools and Renovations boast highly experienced and talented technicians. We have been in the game for over 20 years; you can be sure we will do the job right the first time. There’s no repair job we can’t handle. Our company is certified and licensed. We’re also a fully insured organization, offering professional pool care services in Sydney and its surroundings.

How We Operate

swimming pool repair | United Pools and Renovations

Our operations are one of the most straightforward on the market today. The process is simple and begins with you giving us a call. When you call us and book an appointment, United Pools and Renovations will send one of our experts to your home or property. First, we usually start by inspecting the swimming pool to identify any faults.

We perform thorough inspections to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Our technicians are trained to locate all kinds of damages. They can detect early signs of defects and fix them before they turn into serious and expensive problems.

United Pools and Renovations also understand and appreciate the value of personal preference, and that’s why our expert will allow you to give your recommendations on how you want the repairs to be done. Once our technician is done with the inspection, we’ll give you a free quote.

Our Swimming Pool Repair Services

United Pools and Renovations boasts extensive experience in swimming pool maintenance. As a result, all our pool repair specialists are familiar with various swimming pool repair needs. Here some of the pool care and repair services that we offer:

General Pool Renovations

Our pool renovation package comprises several other services. United Pools and Renovations will help refresh your swimming pool’s look and also make it more functional. We’ll also help you take care of leaks or faulty coping. We also perform excellent resurfacing. Upon completion, we always ensure a thorough clean-up is performed to remove any dirt and repair material from your pool.

Pool Maintenance

Take advantage of our exceptional pool maintenance services such as cleaning, testing chemical levels, and pool water sanitization. Our pool maintenance specialists know the right chemicals to use to keep infections away from your property, keeping your family and friends safe. Working with us will give you the peace of mind you yearn for.

Other services include:

  • Pool heater repairs
  • Pool pump repair services
  • Pool tiling
  • Pool rendering
  • Pool leak repairs
  • Structural repairs
  • Plumbing and welding services
  • Skimmer box repairs
  • Coping repairs
  • Water feature repairs
  • Pool lighting repairs and replacement
  • Pool filter repairs
  • Pool resurfacing

Give Us a Call Today

Are you in Sydney or its surroundings and are looking for swimming pool repair services? Please contact United Pool Renovations today for a free inspection and quote! We offer pool owners quality, professional repair services, using only top-quality techniques and state of the art technology. Call us today on 0414 883 859.